About Us

We are passionate mountain people who love to welcome friends from around the world. Let us show you the magic of The North!

Introducing Wynd Heli Skiing

Born from the passion of four friends united by a love for mountains and skiing. With decades of experience dating back to the 1980s, we’ve perfected the ultimate helicopter skiing adventure. Join John, Benny, Teddy, and Dave for an unmatched thrill in the snow.

Who is behind WYND.

Behind WYND is Dennis Monner, a software entrepreneur who has founded and sold 2 cyber security companies. He sold his last company to a large TECH company from Silicon Valley.

Operating in Top Cities Worldwide

St. Barth | Barbados | St. Vincent | Martinique | St. Tropez | Canes | Monacco | Ibiza | Mykonos | Seychellen | Bali | Koh Samui | Kanada

WYND Group

WYND was established by Dennis Monner with the goal of creating an incredible community of open-minded individuals and entrepreneurs who are passionate about sports.


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