Carbon Neutral Heli Skiing

Love for nature and adventure is at the core of why a group of friends and outdoor enthusiasts decided to open Northern Escape Heli Skiing 17 years ago. Preserving treasured pockets of nature while mitigating our environmental impact is among our top priorities.

Offsetting our Carbon Footprint

At Wynd, we’re committed to both economic prosperity and environmental stewardship in Northern BC. While heli skiing relies on fossil fuels, we’re actively offsetting our carbon footprint through partnerships with Synergy and Offsetters. Supporting projects like The Great Bear Forest Carbon Project and the Lara Ceramic Fuel Switching Project, we’re making tangible reductions in emissions while benefiting local communities. Our next step includes a comprehensive Reduction Plan, focusing on operational changes like eliminating single-use plastics and investing in renewable energy solutions like solar arrays and electric vehicles. Join us in our journey towards a sustainable future.

How to Offset Your Flights?

At Wynd, we’re passionate about preserving the environment, and many of our guests share this commitment. Offsetters offers a simple solution to offset the carbon footprint from your travel to and from our adventures. Just enter your flight details, make a payment, and Offsetters takes care of the rest. Join us in balancing exploration with conservation.