last frontier heli

With a heliski area that’s over 10,100 sq. km, the terrain choices are endless.

heli ski trips

Offers 7, 5 or 4 day heli ski trips from both locations. Just like any holiday, it’s a simple formula: the longer you stay, the better. You’ll get more skiing, there will be a deeper disconnect from the rest of the world and you’ll engage more in the present. In short, come for as long as you possibly can.

Heli Skiing Lodges

Whether you’re planning a solo mission, a family holiday, or a trip with your best mates, we have two heliskiing lodges both rich in character and charm.

At Last Frontier, less is more. Heliskiing in intimate groups of just four, we’re able to maximize our time exploring the mountains. It doesn’t just mean you get your own fresh lines, although that’s always the goal, it means you’re more likely to be skiing or riding at a pace that’s right for you.