Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing

The Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing Option offers the industry’s leading vertical guarantee!

The Industry’s Leading Vertical Guarantee!

Introducing an exciting upgrade option for our Classic and Elite Ski packages: Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing. Elevate your adventure with unlimited helicopter skiing or heli boarding, accompanied by an enhanced minimum vertical guarantee.

With this upgrade, enjoy endless thrills without worrying about additional charges. In the rare event of poor weather or mechanical issues preventing you from reaching the guaranteed minimum vertical, rest assured that you’ll receive a refund according to our policy. Experience boundless excitement with Wynd’s Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing option.

Averaging 44,000 Vertical Meters

The age-old vertical guarantee of 30,300 vertical meters per week (100,000 vertical feet) that the helicopter ski industry has used for years is no longer enough for most of our guests. With seven full days of heli skiing or boarding in one of the world’s largest heli skiing locations, we now easily average over 44,000 vertical meters (145,000 feet) in one week!

Book the Unlimited Vertical Option with your Ski Package

Experience unparalleled freedom on the slopes with our Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing Option, available for booking with your ski package. Elevate your adventure by adding this option anytime up until the final balance is due, no less than 12 weeks prior to your vacation.

With small group heli skiing, updated equipment, and our Cat Skiing Backup program, our guests enjoy more skiing than ever before. Opt for the upgrade to Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing and eliminate any extra vertical charges.

Still have questions? Contact us via email, online form, or Toll Free at 1-234-567-789. Unleash boundless excitement with Northern Escape’s Unlimited Vertical Heli Skiing Option.